Fried Chick’Un Mushroom Sliders

Honestly, I don’t really love fried food, it’s too greasy and leaves me feeling ‘blah’. BUT, everything in moderation, right? Not a fan of that expression but here we are. These sandys do the trick when it comes to feeding that crispy chicken craving. All of the flavour is packed in without being too heavy. Now on with the recipe already…


1 package of mushrooms, we used button because they are cheap but if you get your hands on some lobster or oyster mushrooms that is even better. Their meatier texture and taste ups the flavour.

2-4 C of vegetable oil, for frying

A pot that has a deep bottom, and a thermometer to check the temp of the oil

Wet Bowl:

-1/2 C plant milk of choice
-1/2 C water
-3/4 C flour
-2tsp garlic powder
-2tsp onion powder
-1tsp cumin
-2tsp smoked paprika
-salt and pepper to taste

Dry Bowl:

-2 C flour
-1tbsp salt
-1tbsp chili powder
-2tsp garlic powder
-2tsp onion powder
-1tsp celery salt
-1tsp smoke paprika

Creamy Garlic Sauce *

-1/3 C Vegan Mayo
-3-5 garlic cloves, smashed and pureed or pressed with a garlic press
-2tbsp earth balance, melted
-1/2tsp dried basil
-1/2tsp thyme



  1. Combine the wet bowl ingredients. Let batter sit for 10 minutes and during this time, you can combine the ingredients for the creamy garlic sauce. This tastes exactly like the sauce from Pizza Pizza, if you are from Canada, you’ll get this reference. Set the sauce in the fridge until ready to use.
  2. After the 10 minutes is up, combine the dry bowl ingredients in another bowl. Remove half of the wet batter and put into a separate bowl. Add the oil to the deep pot you are using for frying and heat up to temp. You want the oil to reach 355F to 360F, this is where the thermometer is key.
  3. Next is breading the mushrooms.The key for this to work is to double coat each mushroom. Start by dipping a mushroom in the first wet bowl, then dip it in the dry bowl to evenly coat, then into the second wet bowl and then back to the dry bowl. By this time the oil should be at temperature (check on your thermometer OR you can put a grain of rice into the oil. If it floats right away and starts simmering the oil is ready)
  4. Carefully place mushrooms into the HOT oil, I can’t stress enough how dangerous this ‘can’ be. Use metal tongs (NOT PLASTIC). Cook time will vary but fry until golden brown. About 2-4 minutes. After each mushroom is done, place on a wire rack to cool- NOT a baking sheet or paper towel, they will get soggy. We used a box grater because it’s all we had. It worked great.
  5. Once all the mushrooms have been cooked, eat them on their own or on a sandwich like we did. We make a pretty classic sandy with tomato, white onion, lettuce, and the creamy sauce, it was darn near perfect.
  6. Now I’m gonna go for a run- bye!

*Feel free to use any sauce you like. This ranch is also really really good.

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